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my old 750 w tx box


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hi am getting a new haswell rig



upload image free


instead of my current rig that was made back in 2009

thing is i find the 6 yo corsair psu still working good . should i keep it ?

its working fine should i trust it for another 5 years round with the new rounds ?







i looked at some requirements of the new components and all looks good




Minimum of a 600 Watt power supply.


(Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 42 Amps.)


An available 6-pin PCI-E power connector and an available 8 pin PCI-E power connector


Total Power Draw : 250 Watts


well we do have that .


question :


current rating of 42 Amps is that where it says 10 A 50/60 HZ

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100 views not a single reply ? i must have done something wrong


Probably TL;DR. ;):


question :


current rating of 42 Amps is that where it says 10 A 50/60 HZ


No. 10A is AC input. The 42A rating is what you see under the +12V on the label.


So for a TX750, it's either 60A or 62A depending on how old of a TX model you have.

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i have the 2009 model i posted above in the links , i just need the ok from corsair

to build the new rig with it or not .

i mean for a 5 y warranty product , it has not passed the 5 y limit yet .

the fan looks good and quite .

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cool , am spending too much on the new parts about 1500 $ and i want it to be in good

hands , the psu unit still looks and works good tho .




how long is the estimated life time of this unit ? as long as it gose ?

in case it went down dose it take any of the other components with it ?

or it would just be the time to replace it .

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