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h100i high temp spike


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Hi, ive had this 4670k for about 9 months at the same config that it is currently at 4ghz it has been fine until recently. today at idle (900mhz) temps are roughly 45-50C and as soon as a load (IBT on standard) is started the temp spikes up to 99C at which point i immediately stop it. i checked the thermal paste and it appeared fine but i put a fresh bead on, and the waterblock is making good contact. Again nothing has changed in the past week physically or in bios. It is cooled by an h100i and this cooler has kept it at 55-60 under load for the past 8ish months. Water pump feels like its working. Fan speeds are set adaptive to load. Not using corsair link at all..


then i checked with stock cooler

@ 3.4 ghz...


50% load (cpu scrypt mining) 65C +/ 2c depending on core

100% load (same) between 81-86C depending on core

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