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Problems with Vengeance 2000


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So, i've had this headset for a well long time now, really liking 'em and no issues, until today.


Yesterday the battery was running low so i plugged in the charger, but then went to bed (turning off computer, headset etc. so it wasnt charging)

Then this morning, turned the computer back on, headset plugged in with charger and i just let it be for a while, seeing that it was blinking amber and chargning

Then when i turned on the headset to start using it, it was just glowing solid amber and solid blue from it, when the charger was in and out from it.

When the recivier was unplugged the blue stoppet glowing but not the amber

I left it to drain batteries while going to school over the day, so now when im home i plugged it in again and let it charge for like 15-20 minutes before trying to start it and nothing happens, is there any solutions? Like trying to reinstall the drivers?

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Hello Unkas,


I am glad you have the issue solved. Normally when the amber LED and the blue LED is simultaneously on, this indicates a bad charge. If you let it fully discharge and recharge it, that should solve the issue.


Happy Gaming!:D:

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