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H80i Critical Power Failure?


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Hey all, first time on the forums here at Corsair!


I want to start off by saying Corsair makes amazing products! My memory, PSU, and AIO cooler are all Corsair.


So the other day I go to power on my computer and the two Cooler Master JetFlo 120s I had on my H80i won't spin. Then my ASUS Sabertooth MoBo gave me a "hardware component malfunction" beep notice. The LED lights come one but no fan action. Then I notice at first boot the corsair LED on the CPU block comes on for a second and flickers and fades off. The JetFlo fans now do not work when connected to any motherboard header. The LED dies the same with or without the USB link inserted, and regardless of which SATA outlet its plugged to. The original Corsair fans spun when linked to the pump, but they were very, very slow. When the computer is turned on it gives me the "hardware component malfunction beeps", gives me a CPU fan error message on screen, and shuts down immediately. I slapped the stock heatsink back onto my 8350 but this bugger runs hot, and I want to overclock. I hadn't had this cooler more than a month now and it's dead.. Has this happened to anyone else?! Help :/

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