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Vengeance 2100 USB reciever


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Hi, i bought your Vengeance 2100 wireless headphones 3 months ago, they are great best headphones i have ever bought, l forget I'm wearing them there so comfortable

Anyway the other day i charged my headphones so i took the usb receiver out of the port and placed it on the top of my tower, My mate came around with his dog and it came into my room and pretty much ate my usb receiver ,


i have been looking all over the internet to buy another, but cant find one anywhere. do you guys know where i can get one in Australia


I put a ticket thru to ask Corsair, but I didn't get a response, its defiantly a let down having a sweet pair headphones, that can not be used.

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Hello Mag1c,


A replacement dongle should be on its way to you soon. Thanks!


Can someone for the love of all things in the universe give me a link to buy a replacement usb receiver. Also a top to help people in the future people looking for a replacement part could a corsair employee post where to get it instead of private messaging the first person. People shouldn't have to sign up and bring back a dead thread just to buy a part.

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