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Corsair H80i and ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Motherboard Problems


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Just finished a new build (the latest of many) and this one nearly broke my heart with the complications with compatibility of Corsair Link/Windows 8.1/ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Motherboard.


Got most of the issues sorted after trolling through all of the Corsair/Win/ASUS forums and I'm putting it here to save others the time I wasted.



1 x ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Motherboard (dual CPU workstation).

2 x Intel XEON E5-5687Wv2 3.4GHz

2 x Corsair H80i Coolers.

Windows 8.1 Professional (Update 1.0) 64Bit.



Initially all H80i fans and pumps along with the 4 case fans running at 100%.

(Very noisy and just inviting a failure!).

I installed Link from the Corsair H80i downloads page but it did not recognise either of the H80i coolers.

Switched the Link USB cables out for mini USB Type B to Type A cables.

Connected them into 2 of the case rear USB 3.0.

Uninstalled Link & rebooted.

Installed latest Link software V2.3.5214.

Link recognised the H80i coolers, the 6 heat sensors on the MB, and 3 of the 4 case fans.

No control of either of the H80i or of any of the case fans.

Updated the H80i firmware to V1.0.7.


Link now let me alter the fans/pump/LED for both of the H80i but not the case fans.


Changes didn't stick.

Modified the USB Device Properties in the Win8.1 Registry.


Now the changes to both of the H80i fans/pump/LED stick.

Still can't change the settings for the 3 recognised case fans.


As it stands:

Installed power/noise limiters on all of the 4 case fans limiting them to a max of 1200RPM. (Link still lists the 3 case fans as 100%).

If Corsair don't sort out the issue re case fan control I'll have to wait until ASUS bring out an AI Suite that will control/monitor the fans on the case and maybe I can switch the H80i fans over to it as well via the MB fan headers.

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i doubt link will control most case fans,most just dont seem to be controllable,even via other software such as aisuite struggles with most brands

one main reason case fans are kicked to the curb

a ''mechanical'' fan controller is the most viable option,unfortunately.

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