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Why oh why did you guys send me this infernal nightmare!!!!!

I RMA'd my H100 that stopped working, and you send me this huge pill of crap 100i, even though I clearly said I have Windows 8.1.


First then that happens when i connected my 4 $16.99 each fans to it it cause one to fire and smoke out, so i had to remove them from the header and put them on the cases fan controller.

Then while talking to tech support he had me change the header and while doing so i broke a fan blade on my GPU's cooler cost me $39.99+ shipping for a new one....... I am so over this damn thing that does nothing but blink and drop the USB connection non stop....................! Grrrrrr


So your free upgrade cost me $16.99 + $39.99 + $5.99(shipping) $62.97 yes I know the gpu fan was my fault should have turned the system off first.


I hope on Monday I can some how get them to exchange it for maybe a H105 or some thing cause this is just to much.

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