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Corsair Link - H100i - LED Settings Not Saving


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UPDATE: Investigation suggests firmware problem - however it won't let me rollback my firmware (see subsequent posts).



Greetings all,


I've updated to Link version 2.6.5214, however since doing so my LED settings are not being saved and instead revert to the same, feint "white-pink" colour upon boot.


The colour is fixed when I load Link and set the colour back to Red manually, but again the LED colour reverts back to this unpleasant strawberry milk colour when the machine next boots.


Is there a known fix for this apart from rolling back to the previous version of Link? Many thanks.

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Many thanks for your response.


Investigation shows the issue to be the 1.0.7 firmware update (apologies for not stating there was also a firmware update in the OP). I tried previous versions of the LINK software to no avail.


Looking online suggests others are having the same problem as me after a firmware update.


However it won't let me downgrade the firmware - I attempt to load the older 1.0.5 s19 file and I get the attached message which prevents the downgrade.


Any guidance would be appreciated.


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