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5-2 Air 540 Best Vandal Resistant Switch mods?


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5-3 Hello forum/modders.


I'm a single father and my 27 month old son likes pushing buttons and often shuts off my PC when I step away. Can you help me match "a correct vandal resistant switch plate" to my Corsair Air 540 Case and correct this problem?


Here is what I found online so far...


This is one of the vendor sites:



Here is my Air 540 case:



They replied with "you can't do it." Okay fine.


Question is, "What plate and switch combo WILL WORK (modding notwithstanding) with my Air 540 case? I don't mind doing a little drilling or cutting to make it work, as long as it is "clean" compatible, and doesn't block the drive bays.


Your advice, links, part numbers, tutorials, etc. are appreciated. :sigh!:


Thank you.



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