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What is meaning of "/EU G" suffix


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Searched Corsair main site, this forum and dozens of others via Google but cannot find an answer. Seeking clarification.

I have an industrial piece of hardware which another user noted he successfully modified using Corsair Value-Select memory but the module P/N he noted had a suffix I cannot locate or identify.


He used:



I'm perfectly OK with identifying everything except the "/EU G".

It is basically just a 1GB, SODIMM, DDR2, 200pin, , 5-5-5-15, 667Mhz, PC2-5300, 1.8V module.


However, what does the "/EU G" suffix signify? I cannot find it on Corsair literature or selection tables.


Thx in advance for any replies.

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Thanks for reply.

Actually, that exact thought had crossed my mind but I thought that seemed too obvious and that it must be something far more technical.


I've just ordered one (although the supplier listed only the first part of the number). Should work fine.

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