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Several Corsair products broken/defective... what are my options?

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I bought all my new PC components last December and wanted to know what my options are here...


h100i - Pump is broken, and after taking it out, I also realized that contact was bad. I'd really not like to use this cooler given how many people have problems with contact on Asus Motherboards (just searched "h100i washer fix"). Ironically, a friend of mine had a spare Kraken x40 for me to use, and I've never had lower temps...


k90 Keyboard - It's bricked. It became bricked when I uninstalled Corsair Link for the h100i. Lights won't turn on regardless of what it's plugged into. Tried several different computers, system restore, etc. It's not even just "not recognized by Windows" - it doesn't show up in the USB list. I've even reinstalled Windows from scratch - nothing. I don't even know what to do here - this apparently is just a major defect in the k90 firmware.


Air 540 - I really like this case, but one of the front USB 3.0 ports are totally unreliable, and it's extremely frustrating. I'll have something plugged into the port, and it'll function great, but then randomly drop out as "Windows doesn't recognize this USB device" - it was just plugged in and working fine, how does it just suddenly stop working?






So... having all that said - what are my options here? I'd really like to just get full refunds on the K90 and h100i - both have obvious issues that render the products defective.


Am I allowed to get a refund here? What are my options?

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usually refunds are not given as replacing the defective part is the normal procedure,,unless theres a money back guarantee which is rare.at either rate its customer support that takes care of this
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