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Issue with replacement power supply

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Hey There,


I was directed here from a friend of mine who has been a Corsair customer for many years and he had mentioned that i should reach out to RAM GUY but unfortunately his private messages are off so i'm making this post here.


I requested a replacement for my Corsair power supply through the Corsair Support ticket system but had a little trouble getting someone to acknowledge the ticket at first but eventually they advised me to speak to Corsair directly.


On April 2nd i contacted Corsair and and explained the issue (please see ticket 6378159) and the gentleman i spoke to said that he would do an express replacement and once the new one arrives i can send back the old one.


I explained at the time that i was located in Canada and the gentleman advised that he would include a returns label for me so that i didn't have to pay shipping to return the faulty one but one the call ended and the email confirmation came through i noticed that the label print out did not include postage.


I contacted Corsair via email regarding this and they promptly advised me that they do not cover the return shipping cost. I was confused at this point as the product being faulty was not due to any fault of my own and it seemed a little unfair to make me pay $15 to return a $70 product that was supposed to be guaranteed.


I replied back saying that i had been informed the shipping would be included for me and got no response i sent 3 more emails over the course of the next two weeks and never got a reply.


I received a notice to say the new power supply was ready for pick up at UPS so i emailed Corsair again asking for confirmation if the return shipping would be covered or not as i did not want to sign for delivery and then be charged $70 for a new one if i did not return the faulty one.


Several emails later i still had no reply and UPS then advised the package is being returned to Corsair for incomplete delivery.


At this point my power supply is still ticking and i will need it replaced. I was tempted to just buy a different brand of power supply but my friend told me i should come here first and seek some advice on how to best approach the return policy system.


If someone could advise the best way to move forward with this i would really appreciate it.


Kind Regards


Stu Walmsley

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Thanks very much for the help Technobeard, i've posted my forum post as a comment onto my ticket my only concern is that Corsair have a habit of ignoring both ticket updates and direct emails so i'm not sure how long it's going to take someone to notice that the comment has even been made but it's a step in the right direction i guess :)
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