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H100i High Temps


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Hi Guys


I am having issues with my H100i giving very high CPU temps


I have a i7-4770k running at stock settings

I have an ASUS Z87-Pro board

I have a H100i cooling system

I have 4 Corsair SP120 fans running in push/pull config


Have had this setup for approx 6 months and previously would have temps of approx 30deg on no load and 75 deg on load


Now having temps of 55-70 deg idling and 95-100 within a few seconds of running p95 before I stop




I have tried reapplying thermal paste (MX-4) etc but no improvement


I see the radiator temp seems quite high which would suggest to me that radiator not cooling but cant seem to see why given that fans all working and pushing cool air across radiator. Have taken fans off and cleaned/remounted


Pump seems to be working at correct RPM. One tube seems to be hot and the other cool


Wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what might be wrong, ? air bubble or something. Should I RMA H100i??


Thanks in advance

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Hi guys have reseated x 2 in the past week with mx-4.


Checked radiator with flashlight, looks clean


Bios has pump speed approx 2300 rpm


The tubing are different temperatures. The one in front is cool. The rear one is warm



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I have the same issue with a i7-4930K. The H100i used to cool it down to 55°C at max load, now it's 55°C idle and 100°C+ (followed by a crash) when running at 100%.

Removing the overclock helped a bit but the CPU still behave like it isn't cooled anymore.

Corsair Link struggles to find the H100i, even after reinstall and firmware update. Changing the USB port did nothing.

The radiator is cool to the touch, where the pump is getting hot. The coolant tubes are hot near the pump (but it might just be convection) and cool near the radiator.

The "H100i temp" in Link (when the hardware is detected) shows a high temperature. If it's supposed to be the radiator temperature, then it is off by at least 35°C. If it's the pump temperature, then clearly the coolant isn't transmitting the heat to the radiator.

I removed and replaced the pump on the CPU, to no avail. The thermal paste does cover all the CPU.

Therefore, I suspect a pump failure. It would be odd though, because I bought that rig just a few months ago.

RMA seems to be the way to go, but perhaps there is something else to do. I don't really look forward shelling money to send it back.



PS: Should I make a new thread? I suppose not, since the issues are probably linked.

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Sounds like you fans are configured improperly and you shouldn’t need four.


Your case should have slight positive pressure Corsair recommends that the radiator fans be configured as intake. If you case has negative pressure your graphics card fan(s) will be pulling against the radiator fans.


If your CD drive will has dust built up around the door your case has negative pressure.


I run my two radiator fans as intake in addition the case has a one 200 mm intake fan and one 120 mm exhaust.


My Sandy Bridge E (3820) runs at 32°C idle and stays below 50°C when running Prime 95.

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