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in a mess with link and things


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Hi, I'm very new to PCs having just built one and I have a power supply and H100i cooler from Coursair. The link app never really did anything or showed anything and I knew no better until the thing started attaching and unattaching it's self via USB so the computer kept making this little noise. I looked it up and traced it to the cooler and then to the link program. I tried downloading and reinstalling the link program and for a moment I saw all the hardware and fans and everything which was great because i need something like this then it all started crashing and getting messy. I'm don't know how to go through the different parts of my PC looking for remains of this program so I used Revo Uninstaller but it shows stuff that I'm unsure if it is or not. Is there any easy way to get rid of this program. there is also "coursair link USB dongal driver removal" can I uninstall this? I tried but Revo said "Cant find referenced key needed to run driver uninstaller" so that's still there. Can anyone point me in the direction of some clear instructions on how to solve this, I'd be happy to go back to the continual attaching/unattaching noise at this point.
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