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Need advise about what to do with H80I


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Hi All Sorry for joining just to request advise, I am a happy Corsair costumer since many years ago :D sorry for the long post I will try to be descriptive of what happened today.


I have had a H80I for several months probably 8-9 months and it has been working great, today I had an issue that is not related to Corsair and it was with a thermaltake challenger USB keyboard that is (Was) the last product I have from Thermaltake.Every now and then the keyboard would shut off itself which is related to the awkward mini usb connector that plugs the usb cable to the keyboard, This has happened before and I just unplug it and plug it back again and it worked fine.


Today however it shut off and I got a warning that a usb device was pulling more power than could handle from windows, this immediately shut down all my usb devices, this time unplugging and plugging did not work. Restated with all usb devices unconnected and started connecting one by one until I found the problem on the keyboard, the connector or the cable that leads the connector on the keyboard side has weared down and seems like it causes some problem with my motherboard nothing else seems to cause the same problem in fact the cable itself with no keyboard attached generates the warning and shut downs all usb devices.


Got rid of my keyboard resorted to an old wireless one and thought it was all, until I realize that the white led from my h80i now was flickering white and after a restarting and re-plugging everything it seems that is red only. I installed the corsair link software which I have never used and managed to change the leds, it seems that only red works, red and blue flicker and tend to turn off, so I know this is not software related.


Now I just want to know if is safe to use my H80I this way (until X99 comes out) or the led damage could indicate some other serious issue, I dont want to damage my other components, my other option is reset to an old CM h120 evo which is still stored somewhere. Now even with the flicker problem temperatures are fine (mid 20s on idle no idea if I should prime95 stress it) no weird noises all fan work ok.


Please advise I am very worrywart about my PC, thanks all for your help.

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I can confirm the H80i fully operative after half day of stress testing, nothing seems out of place and I have decided to turn off the leds.


Also the TT Keyboard cable is the offender and causes overcurrent protection when plugged in any USB device, also if computer is restarted with it connected it causes the computer to either not boot or display overcurrent protection at the bios.


Tested it on my laptop and nearly shorted my laptop, forcing me to clear to CMOS to even boot, desktop also needed a CMOS clear otherwise it won't turn off completely by itself and wont restart either.


Attached the culprit... It should teach me to never buy anything from the TT brand again.


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