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Problems with Corsair Link 2.6.5214


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I have just installed the new Corsair link Software and it looks as though everything is working fine apart from the PSU fan which is telling me that the temperature is 0.1C which I know is... incorrect. I would imagine the changes that has been made to the software, are when you change the profile mode from quite to balanced or even higher. The temperature resets back to 0.0 and then recalibrates itself to the temperate of the hardware which is important. Although in my case... the temperature for the PSU resets itself back to 0.0C and doesn't recalibrate itself.


The only way around this will probably be a registry hack... I have changed the fixed ratio to 50% and still no changed in the temperature. I've put my hand on the PSU and it's not that warm...?


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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