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AX 1200i and Cabling Suggestion


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Hey guys, have had my AX1200W for a few yrs now....actually thinking of replacing with a new 1200i....my PSU has been solid, presently running a 3930K and SLi 780Ti's...

I generally do run Tri SLi (previous to the 780Ti's I was running Tri SLi 680 Classifieds).


Now, here is the issue I have with such a great high end product and would love to see it resolved with:


Additional dedicated PCI-E power ports / cables!!!!


Some Mobo (an example is my RIVE), have an additional PCI-E 6 Pin power connector to be used for running multi GPU arrangements to supply additional Power to the Mobo......obviously running Tri SLi we want to ensure this cable is plugged in....BUT


There simply are no available PCI-E cables as all 6 are required for the GPU's....so a terrible Molex to PCI-E 6 Pin adapter is required....remember, these same Boards will also come with x2 EPS Connectors...so they're not available either.


So, for such a wonderful PSU....lets get the same with 2 more PCI-E ports / cables available!!!!

EDIT: Okay a little researching....looks like the Corsair AX1500i will have ample PCI-E ports / cables for Tri SLi with additional PCI-E available.....question is any idea when this PSU will be available???


Thanks Corsair ;)

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