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K70 problems

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Hi , thanks for reading this post . I'm from Spain , my English is very bad . Please bear with me .


I have a K70 keyboard which is giving me problems. Sometimes no grabs the keystrokes , usually happens with " v " and "."

At other times I have a serious double down ( dobletipping ) . I have proven to change the keyboard port , usb 2.0 to usb 3.0 , problems remain the same. I have also reset the keyboard, under during a few days, but then goes wrong again. I have also proven to reinstall the keyboard firm , has not solved the problem. I changed the position swich to 1,2,4,8 and bios, not fixed .

I put a simple logitech keyboard and I have none of these problems, I can accept that double down ( dobletipping ) problem can be my writing , but not recognize the key press is not acceptable.


I can do any kind of test , I can even make a video on youtube of a simple word . Please help.

Thank you very much .

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I actually have this same exact problem as well. I've asked around and apparently it's not too uncommon with this keyboard although I've never seen anyone mention this bug in a review on the keyboard, maybe because it can be hard to notice in casual use. I'd estimate it ignores a keystroke about every 5,000 strokes. I've never seen a bug like this on any other keyboards I've used, and since it happens randomly about every 5,000 keystrokes, it's hard to replicate, but it definitely happens.
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