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Force 3 problems lost space

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i performed trim manualy on my 240 gig force 3 about 16 months old after it was done it showed i had 235MB of free space. Should of had 160 or close to it.

I had used the toolbox to overprovision it by 16 gigs when i first got it. I couldnt recover from image so a fresh install because i couldnt install anything because it read low space.


So i do a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit and after install i look and it took up way more space than it should. I downloaded toolbox again and it showed 223 gig total space. When i went to overprovision tab it showed that i had 16 gig factory overprovision.


I did a secure wipe and it still shows the same my FW is up to date. Is there a way to get that 16 gig back other than sending it in that someone might know of.


Thank you in advace for any help.

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