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H100i Water Pump Suddenly Quit After MB Replacement


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I replaced my motherboard after one of the memory channels failed.

My H100i (purchased in May 2013) was working fine with CPU temps around 36°C.

I installed the new motherboard and booted the system with a Memtest86+ disc a few minutes into the test CPU overheated and the system shut down. The Fans were working and the water block LED was pulsing red, but it was previously programmed to change color depending on temperature.

I had intentionally left off the USB connector.

I removed the water block and radiator and plugged it into a spare SATA plug on another computer the LED illuminate and the fans ran, but there was no sound coming from the pump.

The pump on the unit has always been very quiet it, failed suddenly with out warning.

I found a new H100i at a local Best Buy and hooked it up the system is running a little cooer at around 32°C.

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