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RAM issue?? *Any suggestions

Small Potato

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Thank you for reading my post:


What Corsair RAM should i use??

Any informative suggestions?


1) I have a Rampage iv Black edition (with 8dims) with AXi1200 power. intel 4960x CPU.

2) I only want to use 'Corsair Dominator Platinum Series'

3) Price is not the issue.

4) I would like to fill it with 64gigs of GOOD RAM but i can not find 64gig box. Can i put 2 sets of 32gig boxes together to make 64gigs of RAM?

5) i'm using it mainly for photoshop, video editing and multi-application operations (not so much for games)

6) Where can i buy? Australia doesn't seem to stock much and always require special orders. (And there doesn't seem to be a marketing department or tech support, only sales/distribution).


it was suggested i NEED quad channel Corsair RAM (NOT duel channel).


The two i have seen so far are:


1) CMD32GX3M4A1866C9 = 1833mhz & latancy 9-10-9-27 (goo(dot)gl/pMOkr3)


2) CMD32GX3M4A1600C9 = 1600mhz & latancy 9-9-9-24 (goo(dot)gl/JLvCgd)


Which is best of the 2 above & is there anything better in the 'Dominator Platinum Series?


Thank you

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Thank you conners for the reply. Yes they were what i wanted but Australia does not stock them and wanted to enter the 'build competition' :(


but i think that's what ill end up getting now that i'm not going to make the competition deadline


i'm worried about waranty regarding buying overseas and corsair doesnt seem to have any tech or product PC support etc to ask. (not in australia at least)

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