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AX860i PSU Self Test Fail


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I have a Corsair AX860i PSU in my system that has been working fine for the last 3 months.


Today my PC suddenly lost power, and when I unplug all the cables from the PSU and press the Self Test button, the PSU fan starts and quickly stops, and the Test LED lights up green for only 1 second, makes a click sound, and then becomes RED. When I first purchased the device it would remain green for a lot longer so I'm wondering if this means it has failed or possibly still some other issue is to blame.


There IS a small amount of power going to the motherboard as the lights on the motherboard based "start" and "reset" buttons are lit, but the QCode LED is blank and no other LEDs are on. I've tested with other 8pin cables to make sure the connection is ok, but I don't have another PSU to test with.


With the Self Test result it appears to me as a problem with the PSU, and if so is it something I should take back to the store where I purchased it, or do I need to send the device through to Corsair for repairs via RMA?

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