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One sound effect was wrong (Corsair Sp2500)


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Hi, I have had my SP2500's for two days now they sound awrsome, but I was playing a game today and one single sound effect sounded very wrong, like it was muffled.


Now I've gamed for hours on these speakers, and so far I have heard that particular sound effect only once. But everything else sounds perfect.


I'm not sure what I can really try...

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Does it happen all the time when the one sound effect is played? It's possible it might be a bad audio file.


I may have recorded it, so I'm trying to replay the sound. The sound played fine on my old logitech speakers.


Edit: I managed to find the video, I'm gonna play it on my brothers computer (he has my old speakers now). That should will tell us whether it's a bad sound effect or the speakers.


Edit 2: Phew! The video plays with the muffled sound on my brothers computer! It must have just been a one off bad playback of the sound :)

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