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Project Rampage III, Cerberus: Sponsored by ASUS, Caselabs, Kingston

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I had been working with full tower builds for Project Rampage and Project Rampage II using Corsair 800D as well as Caselabs STH10.


Below are the list of past builds I had worked,

Past Build Progress Logs:

Project Rampage: Corsair 800D


Project Rampage II: Caselabs STH10


Short Video of Project Rampage II:




The build is named after Cerberus which is one of the greek mythological beast Three Headed Hellhound. As this is my 3rd build and instead of naming it as Project Rampage III. I would use the 3 headed hellhounds in sync with ROG series of greek inspired product names.


I would like to announce this begin the project log for Project Rampage Cerberus.


For this upcoming new build, I would like to work with something different and away from huge build. Project Rampage Cerberus is my new upcoming ITX build which will have the usual case mods as well as full watercooling setup.



I am proud to announce that ASUS, Caselabs and Kingston are my current official sponsors. I am thankful for their support and making this ITX build possible.


So far I had gathered the following components.


System Components

Intel i7 4770K


ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 780

ASUS ROG Front Base

Kingston 3K HyperX SSD 240GB (yet to arrive)

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 Memory (yet to arrive)

Caselabs S5 with Pedestal (yet to arrive)


For the upcoming months I will continue to gather my resources and components and hopefully this rig will be up before August 2014.


Stay in tune for the upcoming unboxing of the ASUS ROG gear!

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ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI





Unboxed ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI Overall View of the Mobo



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI, Rear I/O Panel



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI, PCI E Slot



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Impact VI mPCI-E Module




Intel i7 4770K




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For Project Rampage III, Cerberus, instead of the using custom watercooling block. I had chose a GPU which does both hybrid cooling, which does both air cool and water cool at the same time.


ASUS Republic of Gamer series of GPU, Poseidon GTX 780 is my ideal choice. Not only it offers hybrid cooling but also offer great performance for a single GPU setup.


It is more than sufficient to meet my HTPC/ living room gaming needs. Below are some of the sneak preview of the cards. I will do a detail unboxing image shots at a later date.


ASUS Republic of Gamers, Poseidon GTX780





ASUS Republic of Gamers, Poseidon GTX780 Aircool/Water Cool Capabilities



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Poseidon GTX780 Dissected



ASUS Republic of Gamers, Poseidon GTX780, Sneak peak of the card


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Caselabs S5 with Pedestal






Caselabs S5 with Pedestal unboxed



Accessories for Caselabs S5



Flex Bay Panel with Custom Red Paint



Flex Bay 240mm Radiator



Flex Bay Device Mounting Kits



Caselabs S5 360mm Radiator Mounting Kits




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Bitspower Fittings, D5 Tops, Mod Kit, Reservoirs and Water Block


This build I am focusing to minimizing the usage of multiple brands of water-cooling components. I will use all Bitspower products except for radiators and pump.


I would like to thank my sponsor Bitspower Taiwan for the generous sponsorship and I am very glad to able to use their latest EML products. I would like to also thank Vincent and Lily for the help to get the items to delivered to me all within a few days.


Here are the unboxing of the Bitspower Components.

Huge Parcel from Bitspower Taiwan



Unboxed Bitspower Parcel





I loves Bitspower D5 pump top and mod kit, specifically their Clear V2 Top and Matt Black mod kit. Great quality and this is my 4th set which 3 sets were in my Project Rampage II currently.


Bitspower D5 Pump Top with Mod Kit



Been using Bitspower fittings since day one of my water-cooling days. They produced the best quality one could get for fittings especially their rotaries. Their fittings does not tarnish like other competitor brands and most importantly they did not ever leaked on me. This is one of the main reason why all my rigs been using them and I never stop recommending them to fellow water-cooling newbies.


Below are just part of the fittings I had ordered as well as remaining fittings from my previous build. Normal Bitspowers EML fittings are not shown in the picture as I had yet to tore them up from their packaging.


Bitspower Fittings (Silver Shining)



Bitspower Dual EML 90 Degrees and Bitspower 90 Degrees Rotary with EML Fittings




Bitspower T and Q Joint Rotaries



Bitspower D Plugs, Bitspower Case Panel Pass Throughs, Bitspower Extenders and Bitspower Mini Valves





I hope you guys could see the quality of Bitspower fittings are offering from the photos I took. Thumbs up Bitspower!

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I did some purchases on some of the water-cooling parts, started with the radiators. I chose to use Alphacool's NexXxos UT60s for this build. This build I intend to use dual 360mm radiators to cool the CPU, Mobo and GPU (Hybrid).


Here are the unboxing of the Alphacool's NexXxos UT60 360mm radiators.




Dual Alphacool NexXxos UT60 360mm



Close-up on the fins of Alphacool NexXxos UT60 360mm


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For this build, I be paying a lot to details. Instead of just going to use M3 screws, I be adding some colors to them. I had ordered lots of anodized aluminum screw rings to go with the screws. Below are some of the images of these little beauties.


Anodized Aluminum Screw Rings






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Finally, Caselabs S5 and Pedestal was delivered last night. Spent the whole night taking photos of the new toy. Instead of doing up a time lapse video building of Caselabs S5 and Pedestal. I decided to do something different, will upload the youtube link once the video is up.
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For Project Rampage III Cerberus, I had decided to use BeQuiet's Pure Wings 2 for my radiator fans.




Reason I chose these fans is because of their performance as well as their near silent at full speed. I love the Pure Wings 2 frame as well which had moved away from the old and common fan's frame.




The fans came without any sleeves, but it is not an issue as I will be resleeving all of the fans anyway. Pure Wings 2's cables are all black in color which is a plus point. I prefered it to be black rather than the norm which are red/black/yellow cables.

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Updates the Bitspower shipment of items in the first page. Will soon take some photos of the Bitspower dual reservoir as well as the Bitspower ASUS Impact VI water block very soon.


Currently, most items had arrived. As was busy for the past one week on the Project Siren project, I had yet to find time to work on this build.


I planned to start to work on the pedestals first.


- Mounting fans to the radiators

- Soldering the fans to 3 fans > 1 X 3pin cable.

- Sleeving the fans cables


These are my planned for the build this week. Will also try to find time to mount the ASUS impact waterblock as well.

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For Project Rampage III, Cerberus, I will be using Kingston's enthusiast series of memory modules.I had chose to use Kingston Fury 8GB Kit (1866) for this project due to its low profile as well as good overclocking performance. Personally I dont like too much bling on my memory modules, always love them to be clean and low profile.


Here are the images to these beautiful memory modules.


Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Kit (2 X 4GB, 1866)




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This is the third unboxing review of the CoolerMaster CM Storm Aluminum Series of gaming peripherals.


I had chosen to use CoolerMaster CM Storm Pulse R for my gaming headset for this build. Chose this headset for the synergy of design, white LEDs, practical, well built and removable mic.




Apart from the removable Aluminum Plates, all of the CM Storm's Aluminum Series peripherals are using White LEDs so is the CM Storm Pulse-R too.




Unboxing the CM Storm Pulse-R felt like unboxing an audiophile headphone. The packaging is well design and felt the boxes house something premium in it.






Opened up the box, the headphone and the removable microphone could be seen. Really nice packaging and appealing. SEXY!


At first look, CM Storm Pulse-R indeed look very big. The headbands look thick and sturdy and the cups were huge and looks comfy to wear.






The aluminum plates are secured by the screws could be seen, same high quality aluminum plates and CM Storm logos could be seen on both sides. One side shown CM Storm Logo, and the other side engraves the word.






The ear cups of CM Storm Pulse-R are huge, personally I have a larger head size head and yet the headphones are able to fit onto my head comfortably.


CM Storm Pulse-R's head band are huge and comfy. Beside using high quality plastic as the main structure of the whole headphone, aluminum or steel head bands could be seen on the headband itself.


Using 42mm Drivers, the headphone can dish out decent sound quality and yet not compromising the design and comfort. It is more of Bass heavy side, which is very good for gaming and movie sessions. The ear cups are also huge enough to cup the ears to avoid noise leakage which means it does isolates the external noises as well as you won't be disturbing people you with your gun fires and explosions in games.




Comparing to my previous gaming headset which is Steelseries, 5HV2, CM Storm Pulse-R felt a lot more sturdy and not as flimsy as compared to the 5HV2 which I used to own.


The removable microphone is another feature I like about this gaming headset. Instead of having this microphone sticking out or having it to turn upwards. CM Storm Pulse-R allows you to totally remove the microphone if you dont intend to use it at all. The microphone is bendable as well in order to bend into position which best suited.


The microphone has CM Storm logo engraved on it as well. Nice touch to the little details.






The cables of CM Storm's Pulse-R are like its fellows brothers are all braided, and the volume / microphone controller could be found on the cables which allows fast access to the volume as well as turning on/ off of microphone a lot easier and faster.




The cables are 3 metres long and they are long enough for you to plug in to your sound card behind your PC and having a braided cable also helps to reduce the chance of your cables being entangled together.


What I love about these cables are, they are removable! One does not have to throw away the whole headphone whenever the cables are broken. For CM Storm Pulse-R, users will just have to replace the cables instead of replacing the whole headphone. Damaged cables are a common issues due to the rough handling during gaming sessions. Nice and well thought by CoolerMaster.


On one end you could find the mini connector plug which is to plug to the headphone and the other end you will find a USB cable with 3.5mm audio and mic plugs.


The USB cables are used to power the white LEDs on the headphones and the analog 3.5mm plugs are meant for audio and microphone.






CM Storm Pulse-R indeed impresses me with the lightweight, sturdy, well built and great sound quality headphone. Packaged it with nice and premium packaging, it really felt as if I am unboxing my AKG or Beyerdynamic headphones.




Thumbs up CM Storm Pulse-R and glad it had joined the family of CM Storm Aluminum peripherals I had gotten as well.

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Since most of the items had arrived. I decided to work on my radiator and fans first. Removed the stickers on the fans and started mounting them onto the Alphacool UT60 360mm radiators as well as the mounting kit for Caselabs S5 pedestals.


Here are the images, personally I find them sexy and sleek!


BeQuiet Pure Wings with Alphacool UT60 360mm Radiator




I will work on the cables once I plan out the cables routing method and route.

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I had gotten a new LCD monitor for the Project Rampage III Cerberus build. For this build, I decided to get a 144hz, 3D capable LCD screen. I decided to use ASUS VG248QE which has 144hz, 3D capable, Lightboost, Height Adjustable, Pivot functions. ASUS VG248QE has all the functions that I need.





Unboxing ASUS VG248QE



Unboxed ASUS VG248QE



Rear of ASUS VG248QE



The rear of the ASUS VG248QE has a nice red cable management hook. It serves its purpose well giving ample cable space. Nice touch!


There are various input options such as HDMI, DVI as well as Display Port. Sadly that only the DVI (Dual Link) and Display Port are able to support 3D and 144hz.


ASUS VG248QE provides a dual link DVI cable which I find it too short. I need a longer cable so I went ahead to purchase a 3metre long of Display Port cable as well as a longer power cord 3 metre as well.


Since its a Nvidia Vision monitor, I had bought Nvidia Vision to be use with ASUS VG248QE. The built in Lightboost as well as 144hz refresh rates really makes me enjoy FPS games a lot better than my current Samsung S27A850D. ASUS VG248QE really champs as a gaming monitor.


Closeup of ASUS logo on ASUS VG248QE




Beside the ASUS VG248QE, I had also received various parts as well for the build.


I found out I had more than enough clearance to mount a push and pull fan configuration for both my 360mm radiators. So I went ahead and requested additional 10 more pieces of BeQuiet's Pure Wings 120mm fans.


To control the all of the radiator fans, I had decided to buy 3 sets of Swiftech Fan Hub. The fan hub has PWN control as well as able to power 8 fans per hub. The PWN from the hub will be connected to my ASUS Impact board.


Beside the fans, I had also gotten a Swiftech MCP655 pump as well additional 2 metres of E22 tubings. With the remaining tubing I had left from the Project Rampage II build, I had a total of more than 3 metre of E22 tubing.

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For my Project Rampage III Cerberus, I had decided to use Kingston HyperX Fury series of 8GB DDR3-1866 kit.




As the build is meant for media rig for my living room, I don't need high memory or high performance memory. Kingston HyperX Fury fits the bill, in terms of price to performance.






The Kingston HyperX Fury line of memory will position itself between the HyperX Genesis and high-end HyperX Predator. Kingston aims to provide a affordable performance and enthusiast priced memory. Nice!


The Fury came in different color of heat spreader, Red, White, Black and Blue. Depending of the color scheme of the build, users have no issues in finding the right color.


The heat spreader of the memory modules are low profile and the PCB of the memory are black. Very nice, no more ugly green PCB!




Specifications of Kingston HyperX Fury


PNP: Plug and Play automatically overclocks the memory up to the system maximum specs.

Capacities: 1866 MHz

CAS Latency: 9,10.

Voltage: 1.5 V

Reliable: 100% tested.

Guaranteed: Lifetime warranty.


Once the memory is plugged in, this is what you’ll see for the SPD information. One feature of this memory is its ability to boot up at its rated speeds and timings from the get go.


Unlike my Corsair Vengence memory modules, I do not have to manually set the memory speed. Thumbs up!


The HyperX logo could be seen at the top of the heatspreader. The sides of the heatspreader, HyperX logo are not painted but more of CNC cut, very nice as well!






Loving the HyperX series of products!



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Beside the huge pile of fittings which I received from Bitspower, I had also receive the water block for my ASUS Maximums VI Impact. I had chose Ice Black for the water block top. Wish to move away from the norm clear top which I always had used.


Here are some of the images of the beautiful block.


Bitspower ASUS Maximums VI Impact Nickel Block (Ice Black)



Bitspower ASUS Maximums VI Impact Block Unboxed



Bitspower ASUS Maximums VI Impact Nickel Block




Sadly, the block that covers the Impact Power is not really chrome finish if not it will look perfect. Overall I am really please with the water block, the kit comes with all the thermal paste, thermal pads, screws as well as an instructional manual. The quality of the block is good and top notch. Thumbs up Bitspower!

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Started working on the build by working on the ASUS Maximums VI Impact's Bitspower waterblock.


ASUS Impact with Bitspower Impact Nickel block



Removed ASUS Impact Power Heat Sink





Applying Thermal Pads onto the Water Block



All Heat Sinks Removed From ASUS Maximums VI Impact


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