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Why Raptor? Well because I have been Raptor since CDS.


My story is about buying a set of SP120 fans for my custom water loop. They are the 2350 RPM @ 35dBA. Boy they are noticeable louder than my current XSPC 1650 RPM fans, which is understandable. Both are 3 pin fans BTW. I set out to compare the performance of the two on the same settings.


Now my fans are underneath the radiator in a suction setting. i.e. pulling ambient air from the room through the rad into the case...


Here are before and after pictures of the temperatures...






So yes the fans did make a difference in both low and high end temperature by about 2 degrees C.


Are they worth the extra dollars and noise? I would say as with most things it's subjective. For me I was hoping to lower my temps to be able to go for 4.7GHz on this system. But I can't see it happening just with the fan change. I now wish I would have bought the PWM fans just for the quite times.


I am no way dishing these fans they're great fans and I may even try them in the other direction of flow just to see if they perform better and also add the elusive corsair link for control.


Anyway here is some shots of the RAPTOR bench tests.






I'll add build pictures later...FWTW




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