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K65 Not working properly


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Hello, my name is Vladimir and I live in Serbia.

During my visit to Italy i bought a Corsair k65 gaming keyboard. But when i got home i realised that it is not working properly. Sometimes when i press keys it does not actuate at all and sometimes it actuates twice for one press of a key.

Typing passwords is a horor. Playing games competitively is frustrating experience.



Can somebody please help me? I cant return it to manufacturer, it will cost me more than keyboard.


I flashed my motherboard bios but the problem is still there.

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I tried it on another computer and still same thing. I tried it on usb3 usb2, tried switching usb 3.0 support off in bios, tried all bios switch positions (bios, 8, 4, 2, 1) There are no firmware updates or drivers for this keyboard so i cant try that. Can you tell me whats the problem? I payed almost 90 euros for this keyboard and I earn 200 euros a month. I will not have money for another keyboard like this in a while. Can you please help me somehow?
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Tried it on win 7 on 2 computers, win 8.1 on 2 computers.

I tried switching off usb selective suspend setting off in power options still same.

I think i have same problem with keyboard like this guys




Sometimes it works for hours without errors (or im just lucky not to hit the key that wants to malfunction) and sometimes i need to write passwords 5 6 times (carefully)


It happens with 1 z m 5 ctrl most often, but i think some other keys do malfunction too, only I use them less so i didnt notice.


This is a gaming keyboard, right?


I play counter strike:go alot, and timing is vvery important (now its v key) i run to a corner with a knife (its faster) and need to press 1 key to switch to a primary weapon at the last moment (the one that comes first can win a round) and it doesnt actuate. I come to a corner with knife in hand and lose a round. That happens so mucch its frustrating (now its c) Then I try using "q" key, it switches between last 2 weapons used, knife and primary weapon. Running to a corner with knife and pressing q to switch to primary but it actuates twice and i still wind up with knife in my hand facing opponents with guns. Its just frustrating.

I have facebook pass, 2 steam account pass, 5 forums, google pass.... so many passwords to type on this k65 is frustrating.


I really like the feel and looks of this keyboard and its a shame i got stuck with this one.

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