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Potentially problem situation with HX650 V2


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I have a HX650 V2 I bought from Overclockers UK last year. Generally, I've had a good experience with Corsair products but this one unfortunately is not a good experience. I've been having the common problem of the PSU periodically making a chirping sound as the fan speed changes, to add to that, this PSU is the loudest component in my system right now. I don't want to be complaining too much so I will go to the point and ask my question...


Unfortunately, one of the plastic clips have snapped off on the non-modular 4/8-pin CPU power connector. Does this void the warranty? I would hope not as the particular problem I am having is not caused by physical damage but I don't want to waste money to send it back if that is the case. I paid a lot of money for the PSU and don't want this to turn to a worse experience.


Here's a generic image of what I am talking about:



Thank you.

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