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CS750M PSU making noise


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Hi, My recently 1 week old purchased Corsair CS750M PSU from Canada Computers seems to be making some noise. I have the NZXT Phatom 530 full power case, with slot for PSU at the bottom of the case. I placed the PSU with fan facing down towards the vent. However, I am finding that it is making a high pitched noise that is really disruptive. Should the fan be facing up towards the motherboard and GPU? Could it be a defective part? It is very audible. Even when i turn on my computer, I hear big shrieking noise for 3 seconds, and there after the sound dies out. Furthermore, when watching a movie, I can hear the buzzing noise coming from it as well.


My specs are as follows-

NZXT Phatom 530 case

Intel I5 4670K 3.40GHZ

Nvidia GTX760


Gigabyte GA H87N with wifi

8 gb RAM

1 TB Seagate hard drive

120GB Kingston V300 SSD

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