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Corsair Link update ****ed up my internet connection


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Tonight i saw that there were a new corsair link update( Corsair Link Software Update BETA Version 2.6.5214) I downloaded it and it wanted me to restart my computer and i did...

..after the restart NO INTERNET CONNECTION... WTF...:evil::evil::evil::evil:

After 2 hours i finally came bacn online. BUT why can't i install the new corsair link if i want to go online??


Corsair please tell me why i should ever buy one of your products again??:confused:

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The software downloads like any other download through the internet, to the best of my knowledge the only thing the link needs internet for is a update, which use standard transfer protocol. There is no need during setup for the link to access your internet settings except to check for a update. Im like all others, can not think of a single possible way that the one has to do with the other. Sorry maybe a windows update was pending and installed after restart, or something else. Id love to blame the Link for this to but just can't.
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