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K70 not registering keystrokes


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I just got the K70 a few days ago, it's an awesome keyboard but randomly when I hit a key it won't register the keystroke. This will happen randomly but anywhere between every 15 minutes to every hour. I can't reproduce it because it doesn't seem to be caused by anything in particular.


I'm playing a rhythm game so these input drops are unacceptable. It didn't happen on my other keyboards.


I'm wondering if this is a flaw of the keyboard itself (possibly related to the nkro gimmick it uses) or if I just got a faulty one. My friend who bought the same exact keyboard also has this same problem, and from a brief search I found another complaint about it.


I'm using 0, 147, and 369 on the numpad and not hitting more than 1 key simultaneously.


Any advice or insight appreciated :confused:

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