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quite h55 install question


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Hi all, I hope to learn from some others experience regarding the liquid cooled h55. I put this in with an i7 4930k build because it was "quiet" and I hope for the best.


I was happy to see during install that It seemed I could mount the cooling head onto the cpu at various angles and the copper contact surface was round so it did not seem to matter, I ended up with sort of a 45 degree (looking from top down perspective the Corsair logo now reads 45 degrees relative to the orientation of the MB).... and this took all the stress out of the rubber coolant lines.


Two questions: 1- is the above OK? or should I have forced a right angle mount to a right angle. 2- after install I noticed that the fittings at the end of the rubber lines connecting them to the coolant head now allow the rubber lines to come away from the MB less than perpendicular... in other words they do not sprout straight up but at an angle. ... is this normal?


THANKS in advace

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