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2nd Corsair Vengeance 2000 problem


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I am experiencing a problem with my 2nd Corsair Vengeance 2000 (the first has been RMA'ed, because it was cracked and he had multiple other problems, like no sound in the right speaker).


Today I have a (big) problem with that Vengeance 2000. I don't have ANY basses in both headphones.


I've tried a lot of things :

  • Googled that problem : I think I must be alone with this bug. No one have the same problem as me.
  • Tried to connect from the USB ports (USB2.0 & USB 3.0) front and rear: nothing.
  • Tried with another PC : nothing.
  • Deal with Enhancements in the Playback Devices : nothing.
  • Deal with Corsair Software : nothing.


Considering that I listen to electronic music and that I play some games, the headset is unusable now.


Is there a way to repair this headset ? If it's not possible, I think I will not send in RMA this headset, because 20-30EUR for each RMA, it's expensive (but this excessive price is from FR, not from Corsair).


Thanks you by Advance !



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Did you only start experiencing the problem today?


If so, it may be a bad headset.

When you request a new RMA, in the comments section tell them it has been replaced before and provide your previous RMA number. The representative should help you with shipping.

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Thanks you for your reply!


No, that problem has appeared 7 months after I received the new headset, but I really take care of this headset : it never fall, I often clean it, etc ... I think it's not my fault.


I will try to make a new RMA with that.



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