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M40 lag, flicking corsair light


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Just purchased my first corsair M40 mouse and i'm REALLY disappointed.


I had a old microsoft laser mouse and it did the job nothing fancy but worked. Installed this new M40 and it has a huge .5-1 second lag and flickering light and at times delay pushing buttons.

Happens on a fairly regular basis every 5-10 minutes.


-installed software

-installed the new firmware as per the instructions had no issues

-using a white sheet of paper and corsair detects it as a one step down from the top surface score.

-win8 has no settings for the mouse that I can change

-old mouse worked fine


- I have not installed the mouse into another computer, as it seems strange why my old mouse was fine and this one is not.



Any routes I should follow ?



I did find this thread with unanswered reply



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Thank you for reply


I have tried another USB port and these are both located on mother board


Downloaded newest drivers for mouse from corsair web page.

Computer has all drivers updated


Mouse is running newest firmware


One thing I haven't tried is raising the transfer speed of the mouse. I do recall reading that the corsair and other mice send info more frequently. And some info on the Internet of this causing a problem. I just find it hard to believe since my computer is 6 months old.

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