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Looking for old driver - Vengeance 1500 V1


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Hello everyone. Here's the thing :

I tried several new drivers for the vengeance 1500 V1 thinking it would improve things but I wasn't satisfied with it : the headphone keep having this white noise I cannot get rid of. Sound is way too loud even at 2%... etc...

So what I want is to get back to my old driver where everything worked smoothly.

The driver i'm looking for is the one where the mute light doesn't switch all the time between red and blue, and with the old control panel.

Any one know what driver i'm talking about and where can I find it ?

Thanks for the help, appreciated.

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Well nevermind. Found it was the 1.1 driver but those have lots of static noise because of the line in... Same as the lastest driver.

Decided to go with driver 2.0.19 instead, where the static noise is much more manageable.

Thanks anyway.

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