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Corsair H100i fan detection issues.


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Hello TechSupport forum members,


I'm having some issues with my Corsair H100i cooling system.


Here is my initial screen on Corsair Link v2




And here is the version:




As you can see, or should I say cannot see any fans.


I have checked the connections on the pump for the two fans and they are properly seated. I disconnected and reconnected them to be extra sure.


The Corsair Link USB is connected both in the mini port and the header on the mobo.


I am using Windows 8.1 however I had this same problem on Windows 7.


The problem only started on Windows 7 about a week ago, it had been working fine for about a year. I upgraded to 8.1 yesterday and the problem still persists.


Does anyone know what is happening?


Note: After the Firmware update that installed today, the LED Option has come back and fans have increased in speed/noise but I cannot still set my own custom curve as the Link software doesn't see them.




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