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h100i pump noise


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Hi everyone,


After years of fan cooling I decided to make the jump and get a water cooler... having read a lot of reviews i chose the h100i.


It was delivered today and after installing into my system I am very disappointed with the noise coming from the pump! I put a video on YouTube which shows how loud it is...




I started reading through various threads and have done the following..


  • Plugged the fans into the pump headers
  • Plugged the fans into the mobo cpu headers
  • Swapped the fans out with Antec ones
  • Updated the link software (2.6.5214) and checked for new firmware updates


None of these have made a difference, however.... If i bash the side of the case the sounds stops and is pretty much silent, a reboot starts the sound again.


Am i missing something? Is the pump faulty?


Its been driving me nuts for the past four hours and having spent £80 I feel a little let down...


Please help!

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Did u resolve this issue im having the exact same problem.Updating the FW makes no difference .Ive tried all that i can any setting over quiet kicks the noise in sometimes when it starts in quiet mode i change up to balanced then back down to quiet and it goes other than that im having to wear a headset to stay sane........
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actually... yes. I had no response on here but finally figured out a fix.


I plugged the pump into an external USB port on the back of my case using a standard mini USB cable. If i tried to power the pump from the internal headers using the supplied cable the pump would start making a grinding noise, im guessing there wasnt enough power being supplied to it?


That was the first issue fixed!


so now the pump was running ok the stock fans that come bundled with the h100 started to rattle when not at full speed, searching about reveals it is a common issue with that pump! I purchased two new fans


Corsair Air Series SP120 Quiet Edition


issue resolved and h100 working ok, i would recommend getting the sp120 and save yourself a whole heap of problems.

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yeh ive swopped the fans for SP120's after researching to drop noise, not sure how ill get a external cable inside the case though......!!! i guess i'll have to drill out one of the covers on the pci slots as you say it worked for you ...anything to save that noise either that or stick the pc in another room....* _/ *



so connected to the back usb port and the pump and fans wasnt be recognised...uninstalled /reinstalled didnt help,reverted back to the mobo connx and there being picked up i pressume the usb/mini i had laying around is dodgy.But deff i got get rid of the 2 fans that came with the H100i im actually gonna get some more right now as for the pump with my ear close to it and updated FW atm its quiter than one of those fans.Ill keep my fingers crossed and ears plugged and order a new lead when i order the new fans

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