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M45 DPI value is incorrect


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I just received my new M45 mouse, first thing I do is download the Firmware update 1.05 and install it, then the Software driver I set it up the way I want it (mostly, I'll get into that later).


From the moment I started using it I felt like something was off. So I go in-game and start measuring mouse sensitivity, I was correct, it was indeed off, and by quite a lot as well. So I fire up my testing softwares, doing a resolution test in Enotus Mouse Test I found that at the DPI setting of 800 in the Corsair M45 Mouse Configuration software I was getting ~970 DPI in the test. Decreasing it to 700 in the software put it at ~830 and 650 At ~770. I launch the Firmware update program, it says I still have FW 1.02 / SW 1.3. The mouse also seem to randomly stop responding for half a second. Not sure what's going on here, but I need this to be fixed. How do I get 800 DPI? And if the mouse stops responding at any point in a game, it's game over. I need both these things to be sorted out or I'm going to have to return the mouse. Which is a shame, cause I did really like the shape and weight.


Lastly I can't seem to be able to bind a button to change profile in the driver. This is not a big issue, but it would be nice to have it as I have no use for DPI buttons, 800 always and forever!

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After more testing it seems that it's my mouse pad causing issues with the sensor making it not register movements sometimes, it happened frequently in-game. I changed from my Steelseries QCK+ cloth pad to a Steelseries 9HD hard pad and the issue disappeared. I find this strange as to my knowledge, optical sensors work better on cloth pads. It's also problematic for me as the 9HD is simply too small for everyday use.


Another discovery I made was that on the hard pad the DPI was the opposite of a cloth, it was now lower than the driver DPI. At 800 I tested it to be around 770, which is closer to what it should be.


I have a PureTrak Talent and CompLexity on the way which I'll try the mouse on before I make my final decision.


Edit: It keeps randomly changing the DPI from 800 to 900 on the hard pad. This is not looking good.

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