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H100i pump, fans, and LED not showing in Link 2.6.5214


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After opening my PC to install a new video card, (It was unplugged for about 15 minutes) I opened up the corsair link software after rebooting to adjust the settings to account for the extra heat, and found that the fans, pump, and LED settings have all disappeared.


I tried doing a clean install of the software, but with no effect.


The new video card temperature and disk drive temps all show up fine.


I have also tried re-seating the fan connectors at both the water block end and the socket end.


Has anyone else come across this issue? Any workarounds?



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Ok. Strangely enough, It just asked me to update the firmware. I did, and then restarted my machine. It then said that it detected new devices that it needed a reboot to connect to. Again, I restarted, and then magically, it all works again. Everything is displaying properly and responding well.


I really wish I had a fix for anyone else who has run into this issue, but it just worked itself out.

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