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Voyager Air does not load Canon raw files properly


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I use the Apple camera connection kit to transfer raw files from my Canon DSLR to my iPad 3 (IOS 7.1.1). When I then try to transfer the files to my VoyagerAir using the Voyager app (all latest version) then it copies only the JPG files that are embedded into the raw files, but not the raw files. The resulting files on the VoyagerAir are tiny in size and only a quarter of the original resolution.


How can I transfer the full raw files (.cr2)?




BTW: the VoyagerAir app is quite old and not even adapted to IOS 7. Is Corsair not developing this any further?

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Just to let you know that loading raw files from the iPad to the Voyager Air works fine now, so the wokflow I wanted (Camera->iPad->select good photos->load to Voyager) works fine now.


Requires the new app and the new firmware obviously...

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