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Hi Corsair,


I was recently looking for a tenkeyless keyboard that was mechanical and backlit.


I decided that I would go for the Corsair K65 as I was looking at your website




As you can see from the pictures (Which I took to be of this product not just ANY product) That the K65 comes with Red Switches with LED's


I now have my K65 and it is Tenkeyless...check. Mechanical...check. LED Backlit...WTF!!


I now have a keyboard that I didn't want and the packaging is now open so I can not return.


Thanks a bunch Corsair. It's nice to see how much care and due diligence goes into the marketing material of your products.


Let's just say I could do a better job and I'm not even in marketing.

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The K65 mentions that the keyboard is backlit absolutely nowhere... because it is not LED backlight... What did you want, exactly?


I second this comment... I don't know how you could think that it had the led backlight, unless, you were looking at a different model and got confused. The body and finish on the keyboard might look the same as a different model perhaps?:idea:

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