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Corsair AX1200i problem


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Hi i have recently made a new PC.

CoolerMaster Cosmos 2

ASRock Z87 Extreme 11ac

Intel i7 4770K

G.Skill 16GB 2400

Noctua D14

Samsung 840 Pro 256GB + additional HDDs

Sony BD BWU-500S

LG GH24NSB0 24x

Gigabyte AMD 290X OC WindForce 4GB

Corsair AX1200i

Samsung S27C750P 27" LED


And i am experiencing for the second time, the same problem (the first time they replaced the Corsair AX1200i, because the led on the iLink was red and the PC wasn't booting up)

This time, it’s exactly the same problem, PC doesn’t boot, but no red or green light on the led, of the iLink module, although again fans start to run (CPU, Case fans etc), but no boot. The strange thing is that the self-test works, meaning that when I remove all the cables, leaving just the power cord and pressing the switch, the fan spins.

I think that again the PSU is faulty, because when I install my old Thermatake Toughpower 1500W, everything runs smoothly.

Finally I have to mention that again, as the first time, this problem happened after a week or something of using the PC without any issues.

Please advice.

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