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Corsair Commander not detected after FW update


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hello everyone.


i'm having problems detecting my Commander unit after i have flashed it to FW 2.0.6.

i did all necessary steps: installed Link software 1.2.7, downloaded and flashed FW 2.0.6 (no errors during the flash {status: Bootloader done}), uninstalled Link 1.2.7 and installed latest 2.6.5214.

now my Commander is not working in any Link software verions (also connected the Unit to other PC and same story), also after FW update i have noticed LED blinking green/red constantly.

i have tryed to re-flash using again 1.2.7 and other Link software versions: 2.1.1, 2.4.5110, 2.6.5214 and no luck (just gave me some error status: cannot reset unit... or just freezing app) {the Commander appear now in grey color in drop-down menu}.


please advise me what to do, i realy wanted to use all my cooling and lighting kits with this Unit plus AXi PSU and H100i.


what are my options here? any "secret" reset option for this Unit ? or it's to late and i have to RMA it to corsair :/

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Tryed second internal USB port and also tryed on another PC, still no luck.

In "Device and Printers" under "Unspecified" tab i can see Unknown Device (no sign for PMBus Bridge), maybe this is my Commander, but it doesn't mean anything to me thou :/

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