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HX750 fan noise, time for an RMA?


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For the last week or so, my 5 month old HX750's fan has been spinning up occasionally and sounding like an idling diesel engine until it decides to stop, usually a minute or two later. It's audible from as much as a few dozen feet away.


The fan noise is concerning enough, but I don't understand why it's running in the first place. I've got a system that puts it under a pretty decent load when it's actually under load, but it's spinning up just as frequently when the system is idling and isn't any worse under load. It's not ambient temperature, my room is around 68F right now. Inside of the case is cool, plenty of airflow, and the PSU casing is cool to the touch.


Any ideas why it's doing this and what to do about it, or is it time for an RMA?

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