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M65 non-operational (post Microsoft Update KB2929437)


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I bought a M65 last week to replace a Logitech mouse with a dead/heavy left button. Plugged into a USB 3 port in the rear of the case it has been working as it should. Yesterday I updated the USB drivers for the motherboard and all was fine and dandy for the rest of the day and evening. The PC failed to boot twice this morning until I unplugged the M65 and a USB3 hub.


Right now, it will boot with either plugged in and the hub works as normal but...the M65 doesn't respond, the centre lights (the DPI mode indicator lights) are off and it no longer shows up in Device Manager or Devices and Printers. The M65 fails to respond from any USB port (v.2 or 3), whether those directly on the motherboard, the hub or the case ports. The ports work perfectly normally for all other devices.


In a similar vein I have found an issue prior to this with a Saitek X52 Pro not showing up via any USB ports anymore. 'Word on the street' on that problem though seems to suggest it doesn't like Intel's Windows 7 USB3 drivers. Suspiciously similar symptoms I suppose.


Anyone have any experience of their mouse mysteriously going dead? Seems a little off for it to fail after a week of not exactly heavy use.



Yup, definitely a duff mouse. Fails to be recognised in any USB port, on any PC or laptop here (disabling xHCI fixed the X52 joystick btw). I gather it is not exactly a rare thing to happen. Not what I expected when I bought the thing. I guess I'll be adding Corsair to the list of mice I won't buying again.


Feel free to delete this thread. There's nought I've said here that hasn't been said before on multiple occasions.

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