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H80i wrong temperature showing


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I've had my H80i for about 15 months and I've been very happy with it however it seems to have developed 2 problems.


The reported temperature is incorrect and because it is so high it runs the fans at full speed, I have had to set them at a fixed speed 900rpm to stop this.

My cpu temp is fine and I don't have any over heating issues with it.


The other issue which is not a major problem is that on restarting my pc it changes the logo colour to a cycling yellow/black and I have to start corsair link to set it back to my usual solid blue.


I have tried updating the firmware to the latest (1.0.7) but it hasn't made any difference.


If anyone can offer some advice I'm all ears :)

Thanks RD




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if i were to guess and frankly this is just that,i would say a windows update has messed up your existing installation,,net firmware is one of the likely culprits

its still cooling so of course it isnt a hardware issue.

you may try a full uninstall of link and redo it.,and see if that helps...

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Thanks for the reply :)

This happened about 2 months ago and as you say it is cooling so the pump is fine, however I've just done a complete windows and all software re-install 2 days ago and thought that maybe that would sort it out but it is the same.

So tonight I updated the firmware and installed a later version of link software to see if that would sort it but it hasn't made any difference.

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