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H100i Radiator Fittings G1/4 ??


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Hi folks

In the process of building a Custom Water Cooling Loop for my 3930K and 780Ti SLi.

Curious, I've got an H100i stuffed away in the closet right now, was thinking about hacking it up and using the 240mm Rad and throw it into my loop.....can anyone here let me know if the ports on the Rad are G1/4" Threads?


If there would be any reason other than the Thread compatibility that would hinder from using the Rad?



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^^^ Thanks for your great advice Capt obvious ;) ....as I already have over $1100 invested in this custom loop.

I have room in my case to ADD another 240mm Rad to my 2 x 360mm XSPC Rads...although not really needed, I have the room and also have an H100i sitting in a box in mycloset...I've got a ton of fans and Bitspower Fittings.....so back to my original question.....does anyone know if the H100i 240mm Rad has G1/4 plugs (before I go and hack it up to find out).....

Not interested in purchasing another 240mm Rad as I'll be leak testing over the weekend and not sitting around waiting for another Purolator delivery ;)


EDIT: Never mind...aluminum radiator ;(

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^^^ Thanks for your great advice Capt obvious ;) ....as I already have over $1100 invested in this custom loop.



if giving you the answer you want to hear is the only way to avoid sarcasm,then i suppose the sarcasm i will hear

while this rad is great for intended purpose,it really isnt for a custom loop.

after topping 1k in my cooling i wanted to start skimping but knew id regret it and just wanted to have you avoid the same issue i faced...

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^^^ It has nothing to do with skimping Bud.....if I could get another 240mm Rad somewhere near where Im at I'd be all over it :)

Just not into waiting another 4 days for delivery of a new Rad.....want to get this beast back up running.

Actually with all my Bitspower Fittings I'm sure I'm well ove $1300 into this Loop now....Shipping sucks!!

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perhaps skimping was a poor choice of words but ive seen many want to use these rads on custom cooling and it just isnt up for the task,and i agree the fittings do add up to be the most expensive part;):,,,and then theres the thermals sensors,,and the anti microbial and the extra tubing for screw ups and on and on

heck we coulda bought 2 full store builds in cooling alone...:D:

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^^^ No thermal sensors here....yep lots of extra tubing tho!!! I bought this 900D months ago with intentions of WC my Tri SLi 680's.....but sold em off....so now have SLi 780Ti's w ekwb's.....

i've gone with a 360 up and 360 down but am considering throwing in another 240 down....lots of real estate....figure if I did that I'd ditch the push / pull and focus on silence ;) .....then thought "heY'....there's a 240 Rad in my closet on my old 100i....I'd still consider using it just to get the system up n running this weekend....seems like I've been waiting for various parts to arrive on / off for the past 2 weeks.....

Then read somewhere its an aluminum Rad.....dont think it would be wise to throw it in with all my brass n copper.......

sorry for the sarcasm btw....



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^^^ Yes sure....do have some pics I can throw up "before" the tear down for WC'ing ;)


I'll have 16 Fans (all low RPM high Static Pressure so quiet) running off of a Lamptron FC9 4 Channel Fan Controller (50W per channel). Great little controller!!


Lower Rad 6 Noctua NF F Series push / pull (intake)

Upper Rad 6 Corsair SP Series push / pull (exhaust)

Front intakes 3 Silverstone Penetrators

Upper Back 1 140mm Intake Corsair AF Series


Figure if I went with another 240mm Rad below I'd get rd of all the push / pull......but I did notice with my old H320 configured in push / pull I only had to run fans around 600 RPM, so very quiet!!












Where I'm at now..... ;)







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