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Some cables don't clip on to headers


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Hi All,


I received my AX760 replacement form corsair after i rma'd my ax750,


When i tried to connect the motherboard cable to the header on the mother board the cable's connector would not clip on to the motherboard header, the length of the connector clip seems to be out by 1 mm short, as a result it fails to clip on to the motherboard header. I tried applying force to get it to clip but no joy. I had the same problem with the PCIE connectors. The cables on my old AX750 Fit perfectly, every one. This seems to be a manufacturing fault on these AX760 cables. Now each time i move cables about in my PC the motherboard cable becomes unplugged. God the amount of time i wasted with this cables, so frustrating when you want to get up and running, Even the peripheral connectors seems to be difficult to push in.

Has any one else has these problems?

Who makes these cables corsair or seasonic?

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  • Corsair Employees

Seasonic makes the cables for the Seasonic built units, but that shouldn't make a difference.


You didn't have this problem before, but I would have to think that if there was a problem with the molding of the plastic connector, we'd hear of a lot more problems.


Can you see the connection clearly enough to know that the connector is fully seated into the motherboard and that the only problem is that the clip will not engage?

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