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Voyager 32GB 3.0 not recognized - blue light stays on


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Edit: I had no choice but to return the drive for a replacement. And now I have a different problem. I'll just add that I'd had the dead drive for 1 year and 7 months. It had never been dropped, nothing was ever spilled on it, and I always removed it with the "Safely Remove Hardware" option, or by stopping playback and backing out of the file listing to the main menu when using it with a TV.


I have the same problem as the user quoted below, with the same drive: a Flash Voyager 32GB 3.0. I've plugged it into 2 computers and 2 TVs and it behaves the same way. The blue light stays on without blinking, and the drive isn't recognized. That means no autoplay prompt and it doesn't show in Computer, so it definitely doesn't show in the utility from http://www.sdcard.org either. It was working less than 12 hours ago.


Is there any hope of getting my data? I don't recall what I put on it, and I don't feel comfortable returning it if there's personal data on it.


I have a 32G voyager 3.0 that has a solid blue light when I plug in to port but PC does not show my device on my computer and light stays solid Blue. How can I access my info to recover and put on another thumb drive? It seems like it is frozen??
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