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800D hot swap tray availability??


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I want to buy two of these 800D trays, but according to this link, they are out of stock. :confused:




Is this permanent :(:, or temporary? :sunglasse


Possibly stupid question: Would the hot-swap trays from another Corsair case work just right in the 800D?


Anyone wanting to get rid of these trays, new or used, please PM me.



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Hi X , see your still rocking the 800d too :-) , those are available at scan.co.uk and in-stock as I type :D:




Thanks for this link, but do you know of any other stores, anywhere, that sell this item? I checked NewEgg and Amazon (in the US) and they don't carry this item right now.


This store in the UK has basically doubled the price AND they don't seem to deliver outside of England and the rest of the UK.


I am a "buy and hold" kind of guy. Yes, I'm still enjoying this 800D. Get good stuff, pay a bit extra, but keep it a long time. I don't think I've done all I can with this wonderful case. My "project list" includes water-cooling the way that Mr. Armageddon :D: has done it, setting up RAID, and taking advantage of the hot-swap drive trays to do some serious experimentation using a clean, separate copy of Windows, plus other OS's, etc.


Plus maybe some more drive-bay accessories. I just added a VAntec combination eSATA/USB3/card reader, and it's a great addition to my system.

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the 800D is out of production!! so it may be hard to get parts for it who knows.


Seems to be a problem with a lot of tech products. Once they are no longer on sale, there is no real availability of spare parts. Compare that with cars, where you can usually get spare parts for 10+ years or more.

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