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H100i ,corsair link with fans and ax1200i


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I have 650d case with h100i and ax1200i.

My Maximus 6 extreme rog has 2 headers of USB.

I want one at least for the front panel (from the 2 it has).

For One I connected the corsair link (unit that controls fans), can someone help me how to connect the 100i and the ax1200i to the corsair link and leave one USB port for front panel?


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The H100i's link header should work with any LINK compatible device.




Have you tried plugging thr AXi PSU to the H100's LINK header. Then use the included cable or a mini USB B to Tpe A cable? Does the LINK software see both devices?

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the hx850i seems to work fine. i have the link cable going from the PSU to the side of the h100i block, then a USB cable going from the block to the my USB header on my motherboard.


i actually never installed corsair link since i reinstalled Windows a few months ago, so after plugging everything in i did a clean install of the software (downloaded latest version) and both devices were recognized.

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